14 June 2024

Email Security: Best Practices You Must Follow

Email remains one of the most susceptible attack vectors used by hackers to target businesses. A single employee clicking on a malicious link in an email allows a hacker to bypass all cyber protections, which is why preventing email-based attacks should be a top concern.


Deceptive communications are used by attackers to convince recipients to provide sensitive information, open attachments, or click on hyperlinks that install malware on your computer.

1. How Secure is Your Email?

Email was created with the goal of being as open and accessible as possible. It enables employees to communicate with one another as well as with people from other organisations. The issue is that email is insecure. This enables attackers to exploit email to cause problems in order to profit. 


Whether through spam campaigns, malware and phishing attacks, sophisticated targeted attacks, or business email compromise (BEC), attackers attempt to use email’s lack of security to carry out their attacks. Because most businesses rely on email to do business, attackers exploit email to steal important information.

2. Email Security Best Practices

Implementing a secure email gateway is one of the first best practices that enterprises should employ. An email gateway examines and analyses every incoming and outgoing email to ensure that no threats infiltrate. 


Because attacks are becoming more sophisticated, traditional security methods such as banning known malicious file attachments are no longer effective. A more effective solution is to set up a secure email gateway that employs a multi-layered methodology.

how to identify spam emails

3. Training Employees to Identify Malicious Emails

Training employees on proper email usage and understanding what constitutes a good and bad email is another crucial best practice for email security. Users may receive a malicious email that has gotten past the secure email gateway, thus it’s vital that they know what to look for. They are frequently subjected to phishing attacks, which have clear indicators. Employees that receive training are better able to identify and report on these types of emails.

If you’re looking to train your employees regarding the same, we can help you out through our training program. To know more about this, please get in touch with one of our security experts at 0447 099 201 or Call IT Mate Help Desk.

4. Get Secure Email Gateway Protection from Call IT Mate

A secure email gateway, whether on-premises or in the cloud, provides multi-layered protection against unwanted, malicious, and BEC communications, as well as granular visibility and business continuity for companies of all sizes. These controls provide security teams confidence that they can protect users from email threats and keep email communications running in the case of an outage.

You can connect to our IT team and we will help you in securing your email gateways for enhanced network protection.

It is essential to communicate to your IT team about any emails that may have been compromised. Getting on top of such issues in a timely manner can make a difference in terms of saving & securing data from the compromised device or network.

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